In the enthralling world of Kimaya McPherson, women are beautifully dressed in gowns created to be their fantasies realized. Custom pieces are intricately designed from a combination of a woman’s personal style and her wildest imaginings. These expertly designed bridal gowns and evening wear dresses are created with luxurious fabrics and complex details, sure to inspire a woman’s confidence and pride.

Embrace Being The Center of Attention!

Kimaya McPherson celebrates femininity with a collection of dresses created to accentuate the curves and lines of a woman. Worthy of being wrapped in luxury and expressed in fashion’s highest form of flattery, women are the perfect canvases of opulence and passion.

Our Brides

Brides can revel in the romance of their perfect day adorned with a dress from one of Kimaya McPherson’s masterful bridal collections. Wedding gowns created to complement the radiance of every bride and customized to reveal her essence; sexy, independent, and alluring.

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